M2 Revolution Athletes take on Ironman Canada

As many of us settle back into our regular, non-Ironman lives, I wanted to say how great it was to see all of you out on the course this past weekend at Ironman Canada.  It’s been an amazing year of training and I look forward to more to come.
Congratulations to all the M2 members who raced:
Bita Sistani
Dave Ewart
Dennis Dauz
Emmanuel Madrigal
Faith Bolliger
Heather Singerman
Howard Skebe
Jaimie Westcott
Jen Ruebenstein
Jen Kremen
Jenni Kirk
Jenny Arden
Kahn Wu
Katya Black
Kate Williams
Kelly McDonough
Kenneth Clews
Lauren Skinner
Lena Van Haren
Newton Ganac
Peter Kacandes
Rachel Wadsworth
Ryan Long
Steve Fleming
It was a very happy and emotional M2 returning to Penticton with a great bunch of athletes.  Very proud of you all.
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