Monday Night Football!

The first week of football season left the Monday night class weary and looking for a good running game to show up and take some time off the clock.  Tom Brady and the pass happy Patriots left the legs wobbled after an offensive explosion!  M2 was very happy to see his Pats put the fish down fairly easily but it also turned the workout brutal. 

Here’s the lowdown on workouts for watching the game.

Hopefully, with the normal warm up and priming we can start at the beginning of a quarter, giving 15 game minutes for the main set.  This is the NFL, so of course there is a lot of commercials and plenty of time when the clock is not running so the main set can get pretty long so come prepared with two water bottles and mix some Gatorade in one of them to keep fueled.

The rules are simple:
#1 Constant effort at 80 percent base watts
#2 Completed pass – 10 second stand
#3 First Down – 30 second acceleration of 10 watts
#4 Touchdown – 60 second acceleration of 10 watts

Any event can be combined as well.  If there is a completed pass for a first down, then you do a 10 second stand, then perform the 30 second acceleration.

Next Monday we may see much of the same with Eli Manning and the Giants hosting Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams.

See you Monday!

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