Ironman World Championship!

 M2 was represented well this past weekend in Kona.  Over the past year, these individuals made incredible progress in class and their races.  They had to deal with rough waters, and high temperatures, but some favorable biking conditions for a great day.  As they slowly come back to class after some well deserved time off, lets share our appreciation for their dedication and great performances at this great stage.  Here are some highlights and photos of their trips.

Congratulations Larry, Stefan, Sandrine and Brett!

Stefan Irion – 9:42:32
Brett Miller – 9:53:40
Larry Davidson – 11:36:07
Sandrine Micoleau – 11:44:18

Stefan and Larry had to conquer the evil St. George Ironman.  Sandrine improved her IM PR by 20 minutes while qualifying just over a month ago at Ironman Canada.  Brett was forced to hold off cramping in the 90+ heat of Texas for his spot. 

Of course we can’t forget about the super cheer squad/volunteers who made the trip, Kahn Wu and Ivy Viola.  I’m sure you were very much appreciated out there.

Men’s Pro Race
Craig “Crowie” Alexander – 8:03:56
Pete Jacobs – 8:09:11
Andreas Raelert – 8:11:07
Dirk Bockel – 8:12:58
Timo Bracht – 8:20:12

Women’s Pro Race
Chrissie Wellington – 8:55:08
Mirinda Carfrae – 8:57:57
Leanda Cave – 9:03:29
Rachel Joyce – 9:06:57
Caroline Steffen – 9:07:32

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