2013 Group Training Kickoff Weekend

The Bay Area cycling and triathlete community is buzzing this year with an incredible lineup of events to tackle.  New this year is Ironman Lake Tahoe, and this year we get three days of the Tour of California right in our back yard!

Starting off this year we have our first full weekend of events for the M2 Group Training programs.  This first weekend is open to everyone to come check out, so if you are interested in joining, please send over an email or comment.

Saturday Ride – Mill Valley-Bolinas Loop
Our first ride is a good one to help familiarize everyone with the group, and more importantly, group riding.  Rolling out of Mill Valley, the group will meet behind Walgreens at Tam Junction.  We are checking on the parking situation, but there are rumors of towing going on, so park on the street.  Feel free to get an extra 10 miles in by riding from the city (45 minutes from Sports Basement).  Riding from Mill Valley is approximately 41 miles.

Roll time will be 9:15 am and follow the map below.  One change will be riding North on Miller Avenue and through the neighborhoods to Four Corners, descending to Muir Woods, then hooking up with Highway 1 through Stinson and to the small lollipop in Bolinas.  Return route is a straight shot back to Mill Valley on Highway 1 with a big effort on the climb out of Muir Woods.  This climb is a great fitness marker, and easily track-able.  The first half of the ride will be mellow, with regrouping, then as time progresses, different pace groups will emerge.

The #1 thing this weekend is to stay safe and remember the major group riding rules you can review here.

Sunday Run – Tennessee Valley
The first will take place in beautiful Tennessee Valley on Sunday at 9am, plenty of time to get back for NFL Wildcard Football.  There is an open parking lot for us, directions can be found here: http://goo.gl/maps/zpVJd .  From the city, you take 101 North, to the Mill Valley/Hwy 1 Exit.  Turn Left on Tennessee Valley Road and the lot is 100 yards up on your right.

Tennesse Valley Road allows for a good warm-up before hitting the trails.  Map below, but detailed turns are:

0 mi -Head south on Tennessee Valley Rd toward Marin Ave
2.37 mi -Head southwest
2.43 mi -Slight right
2.62 mi -Head west toward Wolf Ridge Trail
2.76 mi -Slight right onto Coastal Trail
2.96 mi -Head west on Coastal Trail
3.43 mi -Turn right
3.73 mi -Head northeast toward Fox Tr
4.19 mi -Head northwest toward Coyote Ridge Tr
4.22 mi -Turn right onto Coyote Ridge Tr
4.38 mi -Turn right onto Coyote Ridge
4.85 mi -Head east on Coyote Ridge toward Miwok Trail
5.28 mi -Turn right onto Miwok Trail Destination will be on the left
5.32 mi -Head northeast on Miwok Trail
5.58 mi -Slight right to stay on Miwok Trail
5.65 mi -Head south on Miwok Trail toward Tennessee Valley Rd
5.88 mi -Head southeast on Miwok Trail toward Tennessee Valley Rd
6.46 mi -Head east on Miwok Trail toward Tennessee Valley Rd
6.55 mi -Sharp left onto Tennessee Valley Rd
8.06 mi -Destination

Important lessons to know about trail running

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