Weekend Workouts!

Looks like another dry weekend ahead so plan on some fun up in Marin for a good ride and some fun in Golden Gate Park for our run.  Definitely a day for layers for the ride as it will be chilly to start, and get to 50 for the high.

Saturday Ride – McInnis Park, San Rafael – 9:00 am

Starting from McInnis Park (directions here). Looking forward to another early season fitness-building January ride.  M2 will be doing the shorter route on account of baseball tryouts at noon.

General effort for all riders is steady-moderate.  Hills can see a bit of an edge – pace-line pulls see an obvious edge to the effort, but not crazy disproportionate.  All riders should look to return through Nicasio-Lucas Valley Road at the same pace/watts as when they set out – proper pacing.

We have a lot of newer riders who we want to get up to speed with proper group riding dynamics, the purpose of which is safety and a generally enhanced ride experience.  Hence, a quick review of some ride notes that are outlined in Pacelining/Group Riding 101 sheet sent earlier and linked here.

*  When the group resumes pedaling after a stop sign, traffic light, pit stop, etc., PAY attention and quickly fall into line or else you will lose the group.  We want our rides to flow – very simple.

*  If it is your turn at the front of the pace-line, ride steady without suddenly stomping on the pedals, slamming away on hills, or conversely coasting on gentle downhills.  

*  When you are done with your pull, check for traffic, pedal to the side and then ease up, as opposed to suddenly stopping pedaling and only then pulling off to the side which causes everyone behind you to suddenly brake.  

*  Attention to these pointers and the Pace-lining 101 bullets (please review) will make it much easier to integrate into a ride group.  Riders who are not so strong can find themselves riding and learning alongside stronger cyclists by becoming comfortable with sitting in a group.

Where we are early into the season project, my group will do brief re-groups in Nicasio and Pt. Reyes Station. 

Skills Clinics
Brett and I will be doing another couple of clinics in coming weeks where we have a smaller group and practice many of the things described in the Pace-lining article.  Highly recommended for newer riders and those who are graduating from tri-club rides.

Participating in M2 Group Rides
M2 Group Training members are of course welcome for all rides/runs and events.  Gold Pass members who wish to join in on weekend rides can upgrade their pass $25/month.  10-15 pass members can use a class pass for a ride.  This weekend everyone is invited.
McInnis Park – Hwy 1 – Marshall – Cheese Factory: 63 Miles – 4 Hours
(Maps are generated with Kilometers)

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McInnis – Olema – Point Reyes – Nicasio: 46 Miles – 3 hours
(Maps are generated with Kilometers)

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Sunday Run – Golden Gate Park, Buffalo Paddock – 9:30

Heading towards the beach along JFK, we’ll be going counter clockwise around the park using mostly trails.  We will have 2 workouts going again today.  The main workout will be a tour of Golden Gate Park with the map below.  Ending at the Polo fields at 6.5 miles, we will do some threshold work, running 2-4 loops on the dirt.  Each lap is 3/4 of a mile.

For those wanting to set a good benchmark this weekend, our own Mike Vulanich is heading up a group to set a 5k TT mark.  They will join the main group for a 2 mile warmup, then head to the Polo Fields for their Time Trial and cool-down.

Golden Gate Park Map: 6.75 + Polo Fields Loops – 90 Minutes

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