.5 Fe Training Day – March 16th

Perfect way to jump start your year, or see how your training is progressing.  M2 is giving you the chance to tackle the Half Iron distance in a low key, low stress way.  THIS IS NOT A RACE,  just an organized, big training day that allows for you to experiment with your race execution.  To get the most out of this day, we recommend taking extended “transitions” to refuel and be physically and mentally prepared to take on each leg.

For our first year we are excited to have Cytosport and Muscle Milk on board to help fuel you during and after the day of training!

When: Saturday-March 16th, 8:00 AM
Cost: $30.00
M2 Gold Pass or Group Members: $30.00 with $10.00 credit to next month
Where: Swim Start – Aquatic Park, San Francisco
Bike and Run Finish: M2 Revolution Cycling Studio

Register: Click here for M2 Revolution’s class registration site
– Select the “M2 .5 Fe Training Day” tab
– Click “Sign Up Now”
– To finish the purchase you will have to create a profile on M2’s booking portal

– Mandatory run Gear drop off and packet pickup Wednesday through Friday from 5-8pm at the Studio.  Bike numbers provided to help identify participants.  Waivers must be signed at this point.
– To electronically sign waiver you can click here 
– At packet pickup, M2 will provide a transition bag for transport of your wetsuit and morning clothes back to the studio.
– We recommend riding to the start line if in the city.  If arriving from out of town, parking is available at the end of Van Ness.  Other options are to park at Marina Green or in residential areas and ride over.  Some parking areas have time limits so park at your own risk.
– Collect wetsuit and morning clothes at M2 after event.
– Full showers and facilities available after event

The Swim – 1.2 Miles, or as much as you want

Starting at Aquatic Park, you will swim two loops around the perimeter for approximately 1.2 miles depending on current and how far in from the pier you swim.

Water should be in the mid 50’s, so wetsuits are strongly recommended.  No lifeguards will be present, so swim at your own risk.

Once finished, there are showers to rinse off, then head to your bike!

T1 – AP Bleachers

M2 will provide monitors to make sure your bikes are secure and collect wet suits after their use.  All gear transported to the studio for pickup later.  Cytosport/Muscle Milk will be on hand providing hydration.

Bike – Four Corners-Stinson-Bolinas Lagoon-Hwy 1

Riding North from the city, along scenic roads, the route climbs Mt. Tam through Four Corners, then Pantoll, and down Panoramic to Stinson.  Heading out along Bolinas Lagoon and a short loop, its now its time to dial in your pacing to make you sustain a good effort, nad have legs left for the run.  Rolling terrain and some sharp climbs could test your pacing abilities.  Bonus climb up Fillmore while back in the city, but suggested route is Union Street to Polk.

Detailed route sheets will be made available to those unfamiliar.

Bike Route


The M2 Studio will provide a secure location for your beloved bike, as well as a nice place to change into some dry/clean clothes for your run.  Take your time and fuel up.  This is not a race, just a training day.  Again, we will have plenty of fueling options provided by Cytosport in the studio!

Run – Aquatic Park-Marina Green-Lyon Street-Presidio-Hoppers Hands

Short cruise down Polk, back to Aquatic Park.  The route takes you along the waterfront along Marina Green and up Lyon Street Stairs.  Fun trail run through the Presidio and down to Crissy Field.  Running out to Hopper’s Hands, then return along waterfront, back to Aquatic Park and then up Polk to M2. 

There are many places to stop and get water, but we recommend carrying something as this is a long training day, and you will need both the hydration and calories.

Run Route

Finish back at the studio, get cleaned up and enjoy some NCAA basketball action with Championship Weekend going on.  Light food and drinks provided.  Definitely time to try out some Muscle Milk to speed your recovery and provide your body with some essential nutrition after a long day!

Wetsuit/Morning Clothes Bag Recommendations
– Bring an extra water-proof bag to keep clothes dry
– Do not leave valuables in this bag!  M2 is not responsible for lost/stolen items.  No car keys, phones, wallets, etc. please.
– Be reasonable with size.  If its too big/heavy, it risks being left at Aquatic Park.  You must fit everything in the bag.  No tying it onto a larger backpack. 

Gear Drop Recommendations
– Running Shoes
– Hydration belt
– Shorts, shirt, socks and hat/visor to run in
– Dry clothes to change into after event

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