Big weekend in the cold!

Saturday saw an amazing climb up Mt. Tam in the sun, but the excitement was for the brisk Sunday all around the bay with Escape from Alcatraz and the Merco Cycling Classic going off.  Definitely a change to Escape in March compared to June.  

Javier Gomez Noya came to town and took over the race, and some fireworks in the Women’s race with Heather Jackson chasing down US Olympian Sarah Groff in the final miles.  Big M2 finish came from Mike Vulanich who charged through the race to grab a podium spot with the 2nd fastest Amateur Sand Ladder and Run splits of 1:58 and 48:25!  Mike has been putting in some serious work to get here and there should be more big things coming.

Great day out there for Darin Layman, Lindsey Kasnick and Illiana Figueroa for taking on EFA as well.  

On the other side of the Bay the Merco Cycling Classic saw some more impressive results.  For the Hilltop Road Race, Alessandra Sales took a 500 m sprint to claim the win over Cat 3/4 at the end of the 48 mile race.  Another new rider in the studio, Megan Alderete, too Second as well!  Nick Kreeger of Squadra too the win for Cat 4 to close out the weekend.  

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