Weekend Workouts – March 23rd and 24th

Building on our great past weekend, we’ll be heading up north for another duel ride option out Lucas Valley.  Sunday we’ll run the park for some local trails and some track work to finish off! 

Saturday Ride: Lucas Valley – Wilson Hill – Petaluma
56 and 71 mile options

Rolling out Lucas Valley, through Nicasio and taking on either the Petaluma or Chileno Valley Loops, this is a great time to gauge improvement from over a month ago when we first rode these routes.

 56 Mile Option

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71 Mile Option

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Sunday Run – GGP and Kezar Edge
Starting at the West Gate of Kezar Stadium, we’ll run a moderately paced tour of GGP.  Heading to the beach via JFK Drive, then back up through the park on the trails on the South side of the park.  After returning to Kezar stadium, runners will work on their turnover with some 400 repeats and cool-down.  We will also review some form drills to help everyone improve their injury resistance as well.

7.5 miles plus track work.
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Participating in M2 Group Events
M2 Group Training members are of course welcome for all rides/runs and events.  Gold Pass members who wish to join in on weekend rides can upgrade their pass $25/month.  10-15 pass members can use a class pass to attend either.  Please email  or  for details.
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