Tis the Flu Season; deja vu all over again :(

As many of you know, there is a particularly virulent strain of flu and assorted bugs roaming the country this year.

The M2 household was rocked again over the holidays. What I expected to be a very annoying 2-3 day malady became a 12 day ordeal of fever, body-aches, head-aches, weakness, and utter malaise. I normally do not get sick, much less for 12 days, and twice in a 6 week period.

I was not able to exercise during this period as the mere thought was exhausting. Started to grow concerned as I entered week 2 of not feeling good, but I really had no choice in the matter.

One week of no exercise sees some fitness loss, but every day thereafter begins to see more significant loss of strength and fitness.

This was indeed confirmed when I began my initial training steps. Bike progression over 2 week period was gentle PE, easy PE 5 which grew each session in range, then aerobic threshold intervals of 2′ duration, eventually some intro EA L1 intervals but with longer RI of 1′. It is now 2 weeks and I am just shy of my previous strength/fitness as measured so well by the computrainer.

Run surprisingly has come along quicker, but run fitness was a little behind the bike before getting sick. Repeated a couple of Enhanced Base workouts, after executing modest tempo workouts per my treadmill progression that many of you are stepping through.

Strength work in gym with Bike/Run specific lifts has taken all of 2 weeks to regain previous levels.

I certainly hope I have fulfilled my quota for this year’s flu.

“tis the Flu Season; November 25, 2003”. A lot of people are coming down with various bugs across the country. The m2 household has not escaped unscathed.

Here are some thoughts on training while under the weather:

  • fever = no exercise
  • head cold = light exercise
  • chest cold = at most very light exercise
  • sickness abated = a couple of easy days to ensure recovery

I do find that light training helps to eradicated cold symptoms. Any exercise that you do perform while not 100% should be such that you feel better at workout’s end than you did at the beginning.

Previous week saw m2 afflicted with the much publicized flu. Fever/chills/aches meant no training for 3 days. Easy training for 2 days. All systems go thereafter.

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