Vatternrundern 300km Bike Race

Well, Sweden-based Karl Lerm is at it once again. Karl has been practicing

M2 Training Principles and workouts for 2 years now.

Cutting to the chase, Karl recently completed the titled bike race (300km = 185 miles)in the bullet time of 8hr35min. His group finished the 120 range of some 15,000 riders—yes, 15 thousand riders.

Karl effectively built base not by mindless “JFT” indoor slog-a-thons in the cold and dark Swedish winter, but instead by concise 1hr-1hr10min strength/threshold sessions. 8 weeks of outdoor riding (race specific) finished the training process.

Karl’s stellar result speaks for itself in regards to the efficacy of his program. M2 chuckles at what so many misguided souls would have done to build proverbial base for such a daunting event.

Note also Karl’s minimal fuel intake—again,its simplicity is utter heresy in the multi-sport world which must forever concoct endless nutritional strategies and discussions.


Hi Michael,

A quick note regarding the mentioned race.

This year I started a more humane time, 04:54. Although it was overcast, the group was very cheerful that it did not rain and that the weather forecast substantiated the fact. Compared to 2004 it also was a more bare able 13 degree C with the outlook of close to 20 degree C later the day. With this in mind a dressed in shorts and short sleeve top, with light arm warmers and a wind vest.

So much for weather forecasters, 10km into the race and it started raining continuing till roughly 80km mark … same as last year. I could believe our luck (or lack of it), especially since most of our training took place in windy, rainy conditions the preceding 10 weeks.

This time I were better prepared on the road and were in a team of 15 guys all focused on breaking the 9 hour barrier around the lake. The lake is very narrow and runs north-south. The first 100km are due south, and on this stretch we had the wind over our shoulders. We managed the required pace even though the rain. Then we turned north for the long 150km along the back side of the lake and now had the wind about 45 degrees from the left into our faces. This was a tough part, but the group stayed together and we managed to keep the required pace. I had a terrible patch from 180-235km till the stop at 235km where I unloading about 2 litres of fluid–drank too much. After that my body absorb food and water again in order for the strength to return in the legs … and for the brain to focus on cycling again.

At 250km amongst a lot of slower cyclist and car traffic in both directions, one of the guys fell. The group waited, but started to quick and 4 members got separated. We continued slower, not pushing the pace in the hope that they would catch up. With about 35km to go we turned up the pace again, heading for home.

At this stage we had a huge number of passengers on the back of our group trying the stay with us … difficult to say how many managed over the fairly tough undulating last km’s. We reached the finish line together with the remaining 4 guys arriving 4 minutes later.

Mission accomplished again: 8hours 35minutes … leaving us in positions 110-130 out of 15300 starters. Only 20 riders managed under 8 hours. Guess what is the goal for next year?

This year I managed to convert my indoor base sessions within 8-10 weeks of road cycling to this level of fitness … again an example of the reversed pyramid. Next year I will keep at least one-two indoor sessions supplemented with outdoor rides. With this approach 8 hours will certainly be within reach.

PS — I bought Zipp303 tubular wheels … they are as smooth as silk !! Drank 3 litres of Revenge Pro, 2 energy bars, 100grams gel.

Kind regards


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