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At M2 Revolution we provide riders with the best in its class CycleOps Indoor Cycle. 

M2 Revolution’s CycleOps Indoor Cycles are superior in these critical areas:

  • Accurate and consistent measurement of power/work effort = fitness numbers that can be trusted.  We reviewed other indoor cycles (Keiser, Schwinn) but were not convinced as to the reliability of the power measurement and the subsequent ability to offer a viable power-based training program.Brett Studio solo
  • Precise position adjustability. The CycleOps is micro-adjustable down to the millimeter.  You can dial in any position with exactitude on these snazzy bikes.
  • Standard fare spin bikes and many other indoor cycles offer very limited adjustability (push-pin jumps in height, height and fore/aft do not operate independently (Keiser bikes), etc.) thus compromising comfort and the integrity of your work effort.

CycleOps versus Computrainer

 TdF veteran Christian Vande Velde talks about indoor training!  With the CycleOps IC, you ride your exact bike position without the hassle of lugging your bike around and then having to set it up and break it down for every workout.

The CycleOps eliminates all of this hassle while allowing you to ride in whatever your optimal position might be.  NO setting up and breaking down of your bike each time.

Another  important advantage of the CycleOps is its solid platform for out of the saddle climbing and sprint work = you can jump and pull out of the saddle as much as you want with no fear of tipping the bike.

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