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Power-based Fitness Testing

Measuring a cyclist’s power output is the most direct and objective measurement of cycling performance. Determining a cyclist’s maximum sustainable power for a particular period of time is the most effective way to measure, monitor, and assess cycling fitness, training, and pacing.

Riders will use either the CycleOps 400 Indoor Cycle set up to your own measurements, or their own bike on a computrainer.

Data collected will be power output, heart rate, and rate of perceived effort. There is no need for uncomfortable gas masks or drawing of blood.  Maximum sustainable power output = Straightforward testing of cycling fitness and performance; Smart Training by M2.

Preparing for a Power Performance Test

Your Power Test will be a hard riding effort and where you will want to bring good legs. To that end, you should not ride or run long or hard within 2 days of your test.

You should bring that bike which you ride the most. We will also take your measurements so that you can set-up the CycleOps Indoor Cycle exactly as your road/tri/cyclocross bike should you participate in our power-based indoor cycling classes.

The test and consultation will take approximately 1.25 hours.  Post-test consultation will discuss your training zones, expected improvement, and how to apply the results to your everyday training.

Power Performance Test & Training Consultation : $125


Private Rides with M2 – Take to the roads with M2!

This one-on-one private bike ride will last up to two hours. M2 will analyze all elements of your riding and provide in-the-berkely hills bike racemoment training. The ride is customized to your exacting needs, whether bike-handling, drafting, using the power meter, learning structured intervals or even if you just need a push.

Note: Private rides can be shared, please contact us for more details.

Cost: $100 per session

 Training Consultations

Consultations are best described as any additional advice or guidance scheduled as a one-one-one with M2.

    Some typical uses of consultation time are:
  • Re-evaluation of performance testing
  • Specific skill or drill advice on bike, on road or in pool
  • One-to-one coaching advice about issues or obstacles in training
  • Training plan advice

Cost: $100 per 60-minute session

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