Cycling – Coaching & Training Plans

Cycling – Individual Coaching and Training Plans

M2 began his cycling/triathlon career in the late 80s, traveling to Madrid Spain where he spent 10 years training alongside Spain’s top professional cyclists (Once, Festina, Banesto) and at Madrid’s Olympic Training Center.

Cycling Coaching and Training Plans by M2

A former professional Ironman Champion, Michael McCormack (M2) has been coaching Cyclists and Triathletes from around the world for more than 20 years.

A student of sport and performance, M2 developed a reputation for innovative performance training, adopting systematic power-based training in the early 90s – hardly common-speak at the time.

Berkeley Hill Road Race

2013 Berkeley Hills Road Race

San Francisco Bay Area athletes have enjoyed training at M2’s pioneering training facility, M2 Revolution practicing power-based training since 2006. M2 features 30 CycleOps Powertap Indoor Cycles, and an array of cutting edge training technology – Alter G Trainer, Vasa Ergometer, High-Speed Treadmill, functional strength equipment.

Athletes coached by M2 cover a wide range of abilities, from Cat. I road racers to weekend fitness riders, and everything in between.  The common thread shared by this diverse athlete pool is a desire to see fitness measurably improve.

Coaching Program

M2 Cycling Training Plans are power-based (watts) and/or heart rate based. Power-based training is the preferred method – objective quantitative metrics (watts) which relate directly to performance.

Power-based training using an indoor trainer or indoor cycle such as the CycleOps 300/400 or Computrainer can be an excellent tool (often times better) for executing many of the workouts.  Smart use of an indoor trainer watts/HR allows a rider to realize a very high degree of fitness with a relatively modest time investment.

Athletes that do not have an indoor training set-up can train very effectively on the roads using a power-meter and/or HR monitor. M2 athletes have access to attractive discounts for both indoor and outdoor power-meter training options.

The Cyclists that M2 coaches include:

  • Cat. 1-5 competitive cyclists
  • Cyclists training for Fondo/Century events
  • Cyclists who simply want to get stronger and ride faster

Cyclists have 3 options to choose from to improve fitness and performance by training with M2.

2014 Virgilio

Giro di SF 2014, Virgilio racing in the E3 field

I.  Coaching Basic

  • Athletes receive a detailed training plan referencing power/HR zones. Workouts are incisive, varied, and methodically build fitness week to week – wattage numbers will verify and so too will your pecking order within your regular ride group.
  • Limited number of athletes for this training option
  • $100/month + initial consultation/testing $100, 3 month commitment
  • Athlete completes a bio form for Initial Consultation
  • Monthly training plan emailed to you
  • One monthly discussion by phone to discuss your workouts and progress
  • Weekly email
  • Fitness testing at M2 to determine Power and HR zones
  • Athletes begin the training process by filling out this bio form.
  • Questions – . 

II. Private Coaching – This coaching option is for the athlete looking for greater athlete/coach interaction.

  • Limited number of athletes accepted for this training option
  • $250/month, 3 month commitment
  • Weekly/Monthly training plan emailed to you
  • Weekly phone discussion to discuss your workouts and progress
  • Unlimited emails and immediate response
  • Fitness testing at M2 to determine Power and HR zones included
  • Athletes begin the training process by filling out this bio form.
  • with questions and to determine if this coaching option is a good fit.

III.  Training Plans – for the self-sufficient athlete

  • Detailed plans and workouts referencing power and/or HR
  • Modular Training plans which vary from 4-8 weeks
  • M2 Training Plans are modular and labeled accordingly with an explanation of pre-requisite fitness level and the training block’s objective.
  • Riders will perform a threshold test to determine relevant power and HR training zones.
  • Bay Area riders are encouraged to perform testing with M2 at his training facility, M2 Revolution.
  • Riders can expect to see weekly improvement.
  • Indoor sessions are generally 70-80 minutes duration and can be extended though generally not necessary.  If outdoor riding is possible (weather, time availability) then sessions can be extended.
  • Training Modules:
    • Early Season I – 4 weeks
    • Base I  –  4 weeks
    • Base II –  4 weeks
    • Time-Trial I – 4 weeks
    • Time-Trial II – 4 weeks
    • Peak I – 4 weeks
    • Basic Strength – 4 weeks
  • Questions –

          Early Season I –  (4 Weeks)

This aptly named training block occurs when a rider wishes to introduce structure to what has either been general

fitness or that training associated with off-season training.

The general tenor of the workouts is “tempo” with modest pace variation along with the introduction of muscle activation exercises.  These workouts are varied and progressive in nature to make them both interesting and productive for the rider.

Indoor sessions are generally 70-80 minutes duration and can be extended though generally not necessary.  If outdoor riding is possible (weather, time availability) then sessions can be extended.

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         Base I –  (4 weeks)

Base I training block can follow Early Season I or can likewise serve to jump-start one’s general training by adding structure and more focused intensity.  Riders can expect higher intensities than those associated with traditional rote “long and slow ‘base’ training.”  Relevant article  Rethinking Base Training

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Base II –  (4 weeks)

Base II logically follows Base I, but can also serve to jumpstart the training of the more experienced cyclist who has maintained good general cycling fitness.  Intensities increase proportionately and interval aggregates continue to grow.

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Time-Trial I –  (4-5 weeks) 

This training block assumes completion of Base II or similar.  Very focused intensities for the experienced and fit cyclist who has been doing some interval work but seeks to add methodical structure can also begin here.

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Time Trial II – (4 weeks)

This training block is for the experienced cyclist who is advanced in fitness, motivation, and is looking to build to a final Time-Trial Peak.

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Basic Cycling Strength (4-6 weeks)

This training block methodically builds cycling specific leg strength.  Much of the training features specific low-cadence routines whose variety and schematic quickly build leg strength and fitness.  Workouts can be done indoors or outdoors; if outdoors, riders will need access to steady-grade steep hills of 2-3min duration.  This training block assumes a solid base level of fitness.

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