Alter-G Running

The Alter G is an injured runner’s best friend!

With a simple touch of a button, a runner can reduce bodyweight in 1% increments, down to that weight where one can effectively run without pain.

Alter G unweighting technology allows the individual to build run specific endurance without the pain and risk associated with full-weight impact on joints, bones, tendons, and muscles.


How does it work?

An air sealed cushion around a runner’s midsection uses air pressure to un-weight the runner – imagine a cork being pushed up through a wine bottle.  Meanwhile, the runner enjoys normal run range of motion – minus those pounds that the runner wishes to eliminate.

Who can benefit from running with Alter G technology?

Injured Runners

  • Rehab AND Train with your natural gait and rhythm
  • Reduce your weight to that level where impact is not harmful
  • Maintain fitness while practicing rehab
  • No more water-run drudgery!

Performance Runners

  • Add Volume without the wear and tear
  • Over-speed training
  • Active recovery runs can see quicker pace for improved turnover

Ironman & Ultra Marathoners

  • Un-weighting allows tired legs to remember quick running gait and muscle patterns
  • Add volume without destructive wear and tear

Older Runners

  • Oh to be young again!  With the Alter G, yes you can!
  • Faster and more frequent running without age’s next day penalty


  • Walking and eventually running at a fraction of your bodyweight will greatly speed your rehab and recovery period
  • Maintain basic fitness levels
  • Rehab now becomes a more positive experience


  • Run at your college weight!
  • Curious as to how losing 10 pounds would impact your running?  Touch a button and be amazed – and then motivated to drop the extra luggage

M2 Revolution provides a variety of packages for its members and visitors to take advantage of this leading edge gravity technology.  Come join us for a run, and check out M2’s power-based cycling classes while you are there.

 Alter-G Video

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