When a mile is more than a mile

As many of you know, I am never one to count miles and consider them to be largely irrelevant when it comes to defining fitness. Hitting key workouts and using a computrainer effectively are in my experience much more precise ways to define fitness.

In another twist on the above subject matter, I did an interesting ride on the roads this past week. I covered about 50 miles in a little under 5 hours and felt pretty good about my 10mph average.

I know what you are all thinking….50 miles in 5 hours??? Some clues as to why mileage is not so important:

  • Temperature at beginning of ride : 80 degrees
  • Temperature at end of ride : 48 degrees
  • Elevation at beginning or ride : Sea level
  • Elevation at end of ride : 10,023 feet
  • Lost in the clouds from 4000-6000 feet, clear thereafter
  • Fuel consumption consisted of 4 water bottles with Revenge
  • One Luna Bar at 8000 feet
  • Heart rate : 10-20 below threshold throughout

Mt. Haleakala in Maui served as the venue. An amazing climb of some 36 relentless miles. Views of the snow-capped peaks of the Big Island from the summit. One of those epic rides….

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