Dreadmills – Alter-G and High Speed at M2

 For many people the treadmill is a tortuous thing that they stay away from at all costs, but it can be an incredibly beneficial tool in a run program, or cross training.  You can see M2 athletes using the treadmills all the time with the High Speed treadmill, and the Alter-G.  What you may not know is that both are included for M2 Gold Pass members.
You can reserve time on both treadmills. The High Speed treadmill is very easy to schedule and most often you can jump on without reserving. This treadmill is one of the few you will find in the city that can reach speeds of 16 MPH. Great for dialing in fast track workouts, and for focusing on the development quick turnover and fast twitch muscle fibers.

The Alter-G requires some time to set up, and some time to get acquainted with how to properly operate. M2 can give a quick over view to get you started.  A reservation for the Alter-G is almost always required. The Alter-G is great for rehabilitation of an injury, over-speed training to increase turnover and/or for low impact mileage during peak training blocks.  
For non-cycling class hours, the treadmills are available, but special arrangements are needed to gain access to the studio.

While Gold Pass Members have access to these tools, you have to be set up with a log-in to reserve the treadmills.  Feel free to email to studio at

Access to the newly upgraded reservation system can be found here:
M2 Revolution Reservations

In the coming weeks we will have further instructional videos and blog posts on effectively using these tools to further your training. 

Packages for membership and Alter-G

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