Sun Shines for M2 Athletes in Oceanside

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Ironman Oceanside is the first big test for athletes in North America.  Top competition rolls into warm Southern California to escape the frigid Northeast, or for us, cold NorCal.  The Pro field was lining up for some epic battles, and the M2 squad was primed to enjoy a good old fashioned smash fest after a great early season training block.

A week of poor weather predictions resulted in nearly perfect racing weather for everyone at Oceanside 70.3 this past weekend.  Winds were calm, and cloud cover kept the racers cool until the run where the clouds disappeared and heated up the Strand.  M2 athletes responded with some amazing results for PR’s and Podiums on the day!

  • Virgilio Pigliucci – Time 4:21:02 – 27:54 S, 2:25:58 B, 1:24:50 R; 3rd AG, PR for 70.3!
  • Mike Vulanich – Time 4:24:10 – 28:03 S, 2:33:47 B, 1:17:46 R; 4th AG, 3rd fastest AG Run! PR for 70.3!
  • Vince D’Onofrio – Time 4:31:20 – 28:23 S, 2:38:26 B,  1:19:22 R; 7th AG, PR for 70.3!
  • Kahn Wu – Time 5:00:24 – 27:21 S, 2:39:37 B, 1:47:32 R
  • Kari White – Time 5:33:55 – 35:35 S, 3:05:48 B, 1:46:26 R, PR for 70.3!
  • Aaron Wang – Time 5:43:53 – 35:41 S, 3:05:20 B, 1:55:32 R,
  • Brett Miller – Time 4:29:13 – 29:10 S, 2:28:55 B, 1:26:02 R, 10th AG, nearly 10 min PR on course
  • Jim Roth – Time 5:14:11 – 27:22 S, 2:49:54 B, 1:49:55 R, IMCA 70.3 PR!
  • Katya Black – Time 7:01:21 – 41:29 S, 3:27:09 B, 2:42:59 R, PR for Oceanside!
  • Sandrine Micoleau – Time 5:16:07 – 31:58 S, 2:52:54 B, 1:45:12 R, PR for 70.3!
Another notable M2 Alumni was the invincible Kyle Welch’s scorching of the course to take an Age Group win!

ironman oceanside podium m2

So happy to see many great early season performances.  Sorry if I missed anyone above.
Virgilio and Mike looked amazing on the run course.  V gets a huge congrats for the high podium, but also for overcoming his bug which forced a taper early in the week.  Mike V just continues to amaze with his running off a very good bike too.
You can see PR’s and great performances coming from the group early in the year and we look forward to more stellar performances at Silicon Valley and Wildflower soon!  Remember, these results come from consistency during the week and hitting up the group workouts on the weekends.  Don’t miss your opportunities to jump in and take advantage of the resources available to everyone at M2!

mike bike m2 ironman oceanside vince run ironman oceanside m2 mike run m2 ironman oceanside aaron ironman oceanside m2 brett run ironman oceanside m2 virgilio finish ironman oceanside m2post race ironman oceanside m2

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